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The EXO tag

I’ve been searching for an Exo tag to do but I never found one! So I decided to make my own one! I tag EVERYONE who reads this!!
It’s an easy answer questions-tag, you can answer how simple/detailed you want on the following question! ENJOY!
Ohorat, let’s go!

1. Easy question, Bias? (You are allowed to pick more than 1)
I have so many! ^__^
Xiumin, my Baozi <3, Sehun, Luhan, Chen

2. Who do you ship? (You are allowed to pick more than 1)
Xiuhan, Hunhan & Taoris

3. Favorite Songs (You are allowed to pick more than 1)
My Lady

4. Favorite M/V
Miracles in December (I cry every time)

5. Best dancer?
I can’t pick one T__T Everyone!

6. Best singer?

7. Cutest?

8. Sexiest? ;)
Sehun ;)

9. Favorite clips/funny moment
I laugh everytime I watch this one!
Exo in Happy camp dressed as chickens, I can’t handle it hahahaha!

10. Favorite Live performance?
Xiumins solo… oh my gosh…
It’s too sexy

11. First word that comes to your mind when you think of:
Kris – *Intro to growl* Seeeeexhiiiiiiii
Chen – His voice and laugh is perfection.
Xiumin- My cute Baozi<3
Lu Han- Innocent and adorable, those eyes O_O wow.
Sehun- Mr. Sexy
Kai- May I touch your face please.
Lay- Adorbs.
D.O- He looks a lot like jedward XD But his voice tho wow.
Baekhyun – Cutest of cuteness
Chanyeol – I love your ears!
Tao – I just wanna hug you!!!!
Suho – Tao’s funny mama

12. Cutest/sexiest/derpiest picture of your Bias

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